Version 2 (6lowpan group from 18-748 -, 05/05/2010 10:14 pm) → Version 3/8 (6lowpan group from 18-748 -, 05/05/2010 10:47 pm)

= Nano-RK 6LoWPAN API =

* '''void _6lp_task_config ()'''
* This function configures 6LoWPAN and starts up the necessary tasks. This should be called before Nano-RK starts up.

* '''int8_t _6lp_init(uint8_t chan)'''
* This function starts 6LoWPAN. ''chan'' refers to the radio channel that packets will be sent on. Returns 1 upon success, -1 otherwise.

* '''int8_t udp_socket()'''
* This function creates a new UDP socket and returns a descriptor for the socket.

* '''int8_t udp_bind(int8_t sock_num, int16_t port)'''
* This function binds a created socket with a given port and the current node's IPv6 address. Currently there is only
support for a single IPv6 address per node.

* '''int8_t udp_send(int8_t sock_num, struct pkt_buff *pktb, int8_t len, struct ipv6_addr *dest_addr, int16_t dest_port)'''

* '''int8_t udp_receive(int8_t sock_num, struct pkt_buff *pktb)'''

* '''int8_t udp_release(int8_t sock_num)'''