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Anthony Rowe, 05/21/2007 01:39 pm

Nano-RK Coding Conventions * private functions shall start with _ * prefix nrk_ or nrk before any Nano-RK related functions or data types * defines and constants will have NRK_ prefixed * all lower case separated by _ for functions * try to avoid abrv. * all types end with _t * byte order is little endian * Use C99 types:

#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
bool // boolean
int32_t // signed int

uint8_t        // as a "BYTE" value    
uint32_t // unsigned int
float        // at the mercy of the compiler no hardware support
double // at the mercy of the compiler no hardware support
void*        // instead of char* 
char // for text characters
  • use the following gnu INDENT options: * indent -br -brs -nut -npsl -i2 source_name.c
  • indent each level 2 more spaces than previous
  • Don't put else on the same line of if

if (condition) foo (); else bar (); /* Yuck! */

  • Have the most significant description in a name first * For example: nrk_led_clr() and not nrk_clr_led()