This page contains links to various online reference material for nano-RK.

Core Manuals Drivers MAC Protocols
    • Low-Power-Listen (LPL) CSMA protocol. Useful for highly mobile devices, or as the link layer for a dynamic mesh networking environment.
    • For more information about the mechanics of the protocol, see the b-mac wiki page.
    • Flexible, low-power, one-hop TDMA for both high and low data-rate collection
    • Use this for streaming data back with the energy bias on the gateway
  • RT-Link API
    • RT-Link is a multi-hop TDMA protocol that provides highly energy-efficient mesh networking for predominantly static networks. Support for 1-hop mobile device communication to infrastructure nodes.
  • WiDom API
    • Bit dominance collision free through priority-based arbitration MAC protocol
Software Tools Additional Reference Materials

Installing the Toolchain

You can install the toolchain for either:
- Linux Install Guide
- OS-X Install Guide
- Windows (under cygwin) Install Guide.

Once you have installed the toolchain from the above link, you can download the latest release snapshot of the source from our Downloads page.

To use the micaZ you will need to install uisp for the MIB510 or MIB520. See micaZ-quick-start page for instructions.

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