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Anthony Rowe, 01/31/2009 02:55 pm

= FireFly Programmer Configuration =

This page briefly describes how to load firmware onto the FireFly programmer board. Most FireFly programmers are already flashed with current firmware and do not require any of these configurations. If you would like to change the firmware on the FireFly Programming board you will require another Atmel programming board like the [http://www.atmel.com/dyn/Products/tools_card.asp?tool_id=3353 AVR MKII] and firmware downloading software like [http://www.atmel.com/dyn/Products/tools_card.asp?tool_id=2725 AVRStudio].

'''Step 1: Configure Jumpers and Connect Programmer as shown below'''


'''Step 2: Connect separate power to the FireFly programming board and turn it on'''

'''Step 3: Set the AVR programmer to target the ATmega324p processor (try reading signature)'''

'''Step 4: Using AVR programming software (like AVRstudio) set the following options and fuses:'''

Crystal Configuration
Ext. Crystal/Resonator High Freq.
Startup Time 16K+64ms
CKSEL=1111 SUT=11

Extended: 0xFF
High: 0xD9
Low: 0xFF

Clear CKDIV8 flag

'''Step 5: Download Firmware'''

Flash the following [attachment:ff_prog_m324p.hex?format=raw firmware] file.

'''Step 6: Set jumpers back for normal operation as shown below:'''


normal.png - Normal Operation Jumper Configuration (407.3 kB) Anthony Rowe, 01/31/2009 02:24 pm

flash.png - Flash Jumper Settings (317.8 kB) Anthony Rowe, 01/31/2009 02:40 pm

ff_prog_m324p.hex - Programmer HEX file (5.6 kB) Anthony Rowe, 01/31/2009 02:48 pm