FireFly Sensor Board

Image(ff_sensor_basic.jpg, 300)

The sensor expansion card provides light, temperature, audio, passive infrared motion, dual axis acceleration and battery voltage sensing. As an option, 1 axis of the accelerometer can be disabled and replaced with a humidity sensor, Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detector or a servo output.


The pwr_ctrl pin is used to gate power to the sensor board (active low).


sensor_pinout.png (43.6 kB) Anthony Rowe, 02/16/2007 05:26 pm

ff_sensor_basic.jpg (134.6 kB) Anthony Rowe, 02/16/2007 05:48 pm

sensor_board.jpg - Prototype sensor board (90.6 kB) Anthony Rowe, 03/08/2007 02:07 pm