Nano-RK is available to the Open Source community under a Dual Licensing Model similiar to that used by Qt from Trolltech. The Open Source Edition of Nano-RK is freely available for the development of Open Source software governed by the GNU General Public License (GPL). If you want to do proprietary, commercial development not bound by the GPL license, you need to purchase a Commercial License.

Dual Licensing is based on the principle of Quid Pro Quo - something for something.

This is how it works: In return for the advantages you realize from using Nano-RK to create your application, we require that you do one of the following:
  • Either: Contribute to the continued development of Nano-RK by purchasing commercial licenses from Carnegie Mellon University. This option secures you the right to distribute your application under the license terms of your choice.
  • Or: Contribute to the Open Source community by placing your application under an Open Source license (e.g. the GPL). This option secures all users the rights to obtain the application's full source code, modify it, and redistribute it.

For a proprietary license, please contact Prof. Rowe (agr * at *