MicaZ Quick Start

First, install the normal Nano-RK toolchain, but instead of using avrdude to download, you will need to install uisp. The MIB520 should work with uisp set to use the MIB510 (if MIB520 is not supported). The MIB520 works well under linux, but may be problematic using cygwin. The compiled linux binary will require libstdc++33 (the 32 bit version).

For Linux:
  • Download [attachment:uisp?format=raw uisp] if you are using linux or [attachment:uisp-mib510.exe?format=raw mib510.exe] if using cygwin in windows and copy it to /usr/local/bin/uisp. This uisp version is patched by Phil Buonadonna and David Gay to support MIB510.
    • Make sure uisp has permission to execute. As root type:
      // go to the directory where you downloaded uisp
      mv uisp /usr/local/bin
      chmod +x /usr/local/bin/uisp
    • The MIB510 and MIB520 require permissions to access the serial port
      • As root, make sure you add your user name to the uucp group for serial port access. (edit /etc/group then you need to log out and in again)
      • You will need to use a terminal program to see serial output.
        • 115200 8N1 with no Hardware / Software Flow Control (The baudrate is defined by nrk_setup_uart())
        • In linux we suggest using Minicom. Instructions can be found here: Minicom
  • Edit the makefile for the project you wish to compile changing the PLATFORM variable to micaZ
    # Platform name  cc2420DK, firefly, micaZ
    PLATFORM = micaZ
  • Enjoy!

uisp - linux executable uisp with support for mib510 (83.6 kB) Nuno -, 03/06/2007 11:20 am

uisp-mib510-20050207 - widows (cygwin) executable uisp with support for mib510 (92.8 kB) Nuno -, 03/06/2007 11:50 am

uisp-mib510.exe - uisp for MIB510 in cygwin (1 MB) Anthony Rowe, 06/26/2007 12:50 pm