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Anthony Rowe, 07/27/2009 05:01 pm

EEPROM === nrk_eeprom_read_byte ===
uint8_t nrk_eeprom_read_byte( uint16_t addr )
''Parameters'': addr is the address in EEPROM memory
''Return Values:'' the value of EEPROM memory at addr

This function reads a byte from eeprom memory if supported by the processor.

=== nrk_eeprom_write_byte ===
int8_t nrk_eeprom_write_byte( uint16_t addr, uint8_t value )
''Parameters'': addr is the address in EEPROM memory, value is the value to be written
''Return Values:'' NRK_OK upon success and NRK_ERROR on failure

This function writes a byte to eeprom memory.